23 June 2020

Becoming a Belle Ayr Parent

Thinking of becoming a Parent - here is some information to get you started our Terms & Conditions!
11 June 2020

Let's Play

It's all Fun & Games
06 June 2020

Why Silver Kittens Lose Their Spots & Golden's Don't

Does a Leopard change its spots?
28 May 2020

The Right Cat Tree & Bed for your Kitten!

A Bed is not just a Bed - It's a Castle!
25 May 2020

Cat Insurance?

Which Cat Insurance Should I Use?
19 May 2020

Your Cat - and Lockdown!

Has your cats' behaviour changed?
16 September 2019

Contract Terms, Refunds & Can I return my Kitten?

Sometimes it was not meant to be!
16 May 2019

Sterilizing Pet Kittens

Why we offer to sterilize our Pet Kittens
27 February 2019

About Us

Family Run Cattery & Media Company
31 January 2019

Getting A British Longhair Ready for Showing

Grooming the Furry Beast!
26 January 2019

The British Longhair Cat

Gracefully Beautiful!
23 January 2019 Belle Ayr Cattery Cat Coat Colours

Our British Cat Coat Colours

Radiant Delightful Colours!
15 January 2019

The Rarest Tipped!

Rare and Illuminouse!
08 December 2018

Kitten Food

What kittens Eat, How & When
08 December 2018

Health & Wellbeing

The little hiccups and what to do, health checks
08 December 2018

Kitten Information

Getting Ready for the Big Day
03 December 2018

Pet Travel, Import & Export

Knowing how to transport your pet!
29 November 2018 Coat Colours

Our British Cat Colour Codes Explained

Delightful Specialised Colours!
24 November 2018 Breeding British Short & Longhair Kittens

Inbreeding & Coefficients

Much to do about Something!
23 November 2018 Coat Colour Genetics

Cat Coat Colours & Markings Genetics

A Simple Guide around Cat Coat Colours & Marking Genetics
14 July 2018 Belle Ayr Cattery

Our Cats at Home

Our Cats Enjoy a Home Lifestyle!
17 June 2018 PET TRANSPORT


Transporting our kittens to their new homes!