27 February 2019

Family Run Cattery & Media Company

Belle Ayr Ltd. is run from our home and our pets live with us - it's a cosy house. I'm of dual nationality, Swedish and French and I moved to Oxford then the West Coast of Scotland in the mid-'90s. A mother of four teenagers, I'm a post-graduate with an MBA, LLM Diploma in Internet & Policy Law from the University of Strathclyde. 

Being part of the Committee team after joining the Scottish Cat Association Club and the Viking Cat Club under FIFe when they approved British Longhair in 2017, has been an excellent experience, previously with TICA - I enjoy the close approach to showing and getting direct feedback from the Judges.

As DEFRA gov.uk Licensed UK Importers & Exporters we can arrange all the paperwork, license, permits, vaccinations & flights worldwide for your cat. 

Belle Ayr Manor is our Licensed boarding facility by our local authority. Our custom-built designed cat housing pods, provide a homely environment.

We run Belle Ayr Media, which provides cat & pet wrangling services for media, film, and advertisement across the UK. Our pets are well socialized, friendly, and biddable. We run a fully licensed pet transport company, so our pets are easily available for filming and photoshoots.

We also run Pet Paws Transport - UK pet travel company specializing in Cat & Kitten transportation. Licensed and operating during COVID-19 lockdown to ensure pets can reach their loving homes.

The FCOV FREE CLINIC was set up in 2019 supporting veterinarian research on stopping feline coronavirus shedding by naturally infected cats. The Clinic also funded the publication of the Veterinarian Article.

We provide Feline coronavirus (FCoV) negative certification and all our cats are Feline Coronavirus (FCoV) Free.

Initially, Belle Ayr Ltd was founded with a  focus on developing a standard for the British Longhair cat in the United Kingdom and has grown to support wellbeing for cats around the world.

As a British Short and Long Hair cat enthusiast, having competed across the country and breed healthy British Shorthair and British Longhair. I wrote my first publication about The British Longhair Golden & Silver cat as an e-book, written and illustrated the ‘Little Fluffy Paws’ story e-book and I am an owner of an e-commerce shop selling one-of-a-kind gifts.

My eldest daughter has helped as a steward at cat shows over the years and helps with the day-to-day care of our cats, she has successfully gained a place as a Student in Veterinarian Science and we wish her a wonderful career as a Vet.

A former Glasgow School of Art student and was a founding committee member of the Golden Retriever Club of France in 1991. I continually paint and illustrate alongside my passion for cats and dogs. 

Latterly, I worked in internal Quality Assurance for regulatory compliance reporting. With over 10 years’ experience running and managing MacID a UK IT Boutique and developed my skills and advocacy for IT authentication and compliance testing. Promoting legitimacy, authenticity, and privacy within the Internet through Global Identity Ltd and Test Evidence. Previously I've worked within Pension Services with Abbey National and The Scottish Mutual Bank.