08 December 2018

The little hiccups and what to do, health checks


Most kittens will adjust well into their new home, but sometimes they will pick something up along the way and I'm always of the opinion to inform and prevent, as they have a low immune system.

Always have dried kitten biscuits and water out for your kitten –kittens like fresh water every day – so refresh the water daily.

Kitten needs to be in a warm house 17+c, do not leave the kitten in the house without heating on for hours…(Sept-March - Cats need a warmer temperature than humans do to be comfortable.)

A kitten that does not eat well and drinks, will not get enough hydration…even if it drinks lots of water. It’s the food that turns the water with salts, minerals, and sugar that hydrates a kitten. A kitten can lose half its body weight in under a week if it is not eating well.

A healthy kitten at 16weeks should put on 50-90 grams a day. Your kitten has been weighted morning and evening if you have kitchen scales and are in any doubt – just weigh them over 48hrs, 4 times and you’ll soon feel reassured that all is well if they are putting on 20-40 grams.

A healthy kitten does not sit huddled up for 8 hours if it does call me or call your Vet.

PLEASE DO NOT give kitten cows milk, baby milk, cats are lactose intolerant. (So making porridge will not help them feel better). If you would like to give them a treat then once a month a small bowl of fresh GOATS milk.

With kittens, a change of environment, central heating coming on, dust in the air, even car journeys can give rise to eye irritation, which with time develops into yellow gunk causing stick eye/eyes or teary eye/eyes. If your kitten has a sticky eye or tears wet eye it will need eye drops, Clorahenicole eye-based antibiotics treatment. Sometimes the infection is more in the eye canal or the eye is very inflamed red around the eyelid and the white of the eye is bloodshot red. Then the vet will prescribe eye-based antibiotic + steroid Maxitrol. Eye issues will NOT go away on their own over time. You can cause long-term damage or worse lose a cat's eye if not treated.
Pharmacies used to dispense Cloraphenicole but now it's harder to get hold of it. Call the vet ASAP, this will get worse, and needs antibiotics – it’s the only treatment.

Dodgy tummy
Change in food will upset a kittens tummy, if what comes out is just pure liquid over 48hrs, go to the vet. This is more for suitable rehydration care. A fresh-cooked Chicken diet, something light to digest will get them back on track. (Kitten wet food is very rich in fat/ carbs and not always suitable for dodgy tummies.)

Anything long-term Vets will prescribe an antibiotic Metabactin combination with 5 days of Panacur.

Nose and eyes
If your kitten has a drippy nose and runny eyes just go to the vet, kittens are vulnerable. With vaccinations, they'll have the best start in life but a common cold can happen.

Their ears should always be clean, dirty ears are the early sign of an infection, early prevention resolves any small issues within 24hrs. Vets have the best treatment – do not buy any BobMartin Products, they aggravate the issue and can cause more damage than good! Canaural Ear Drops and Ear Cleaner can be bought online. – Keep drops in the fridge.

Kittens' skin should be clear of marks and their fur soft. If they have a patch of flaky skin this can be a fungal infection, or allergy to grass/ pollen/ food. The Vet will resolve this without any further irritation.

Weight loss
Kittens eat things they shouldn't and are prone to worms. Panacur is the best wormer I've used. It comes in granules you can mix, into wet cat food and the kittens are used to it. It kills all kinds of worms and is repeated (for severe infection) over 3 consecutive days, it has remedied even the worst of cases.

Prevention is better than infestation, so Effipro drops on the back of the neck- every month during summer April -September has seen my home flea free. (You can buy Effipro x 4 treatments online)

We tried FRONTLINE PLUS - one cat had a bad reaction to it, they lost the fur on the back of the neck where it was applied and it became very angry, the cat kept licking it. We used BETAFUSE and Sudocrem for a week, it dried up and healed. I now will not use this brand.

Genetic Health Check 
Your kitten has had its lineage checked and tested CLEAR against 40 Health Diseases using MYCATDNA

MYCATDNA now provides 50 Health Disease checks, only cats tested from 2021 - todate will this apply.

If your Belle Ayr kitten is first-generation, then both parents have been tested, if your kitten is the second generation from Belle Ayr, then its grandparents have been tested. As the pet owner, you can ask for confirmation of the health results and we will provide the health highlight view see example below. To Breeders, buying active cats, we can share the full report.