24 November 2018 Breeding British Short & Longhair Kittens

Much to do about Something!


The Theory behind our Calculations: Genetics coefficient evaluations should be important and valuable to a responsible breeder.

The Wright’s Inbreeding Coefficient (IC) and the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK) the values are optimally IC=0 and AVK=100. A general first rule is: IC should be under 3% in a considered mating; AVK should be over 85%. A little over half of all hereditary defects are caused by hidden (recessive) genes. For the continued health of a breed, it is therefore terribly important to consider in each breeding the degree of relationship. 

According to the experts, it is also recommended that a cats IC should not exceed 6% counted from the 5 generation pedigree, which is about the same as breeding among cousins, and 9% counted from the 10 generations pedigree, for rare breeds is that IC should not exceed 10%.

We try to ensure that our cats have the Inbreeding Coefficient (IC): 0 (0%), Ancestor Loss Coefficient (AVK): over 90%

Coefficient Calculator