08 December 2018

What kittens Eat, How & When

How often does a kitten eat?
Before you go to bed
(If you are away during the day/evening – just leave out a selection on a tray)

Your kitten has eaten:
Royal canine - kitten Biscuits - Zooplus.com
Royal canine, Bozita Wet food, felix kitten, they LOVE COSMA Salmon or Applaws fish - Zooplus.com
Raw & Fresh oven-baked, chicken and cooked fish, Tinned Tuna

Your kitten will have eaten:
-4-6 cubes of chicken finely cut a day (if pre-cooked, just defreeze, don’t cook it’ll dry them out)

-½ -1 slice of Rainbow trout, or ½ white fish – oven baked (No Oil) – a day

(It’s easy to defreeze 2 slices of rainbow trout on a low heat in the oven, use one and put one in the fridge for the following day- saves time)

-Wet kitten food packet –a tiny amount morning and evening meals (soup spoon size(1 kitten packet should last 2 days). Kitten food is very rich but it does have a good balance of nutrition.

Kitten added diet:
-a small hand full of beef mince (they don’t really like it, but maybe as they get older…you can try.)
-Wet kitten food packet
-Tinned tuna
-After 4months you can slowly introduce other brands but you will need to phase it over 1 month, PLEASE DO NOT just change overnight.