08 December 2018

Getting Ready for the Big Day

Your kitten has been introduced and grown up around children, dogs and other cats household noises. It has also ventured outside in an enclosed garden play area. It will love to explore your home and get to know everyone within it.

Your kitten has eaten:
Purina, Royal canine, Concept for life, Burgess - kitten Biscuits - Zooplus.com
Bozita Wet food, felix kitten, Whiskers - Zooplus.com
Raw & Fresh oven baked, chicken and cooked fish, Tinned Tuna
Royal canine, Whiskers, Felix and Morrisons Wet kitten food

As Adult I use:
Concept for life Sensitive - it is probiotic
Royal Canine & RC Sensible
Burgess - Chicken & Salmon

Cats need CAT food, due to the nutritional balance in them. I do not recommend a raw meat diet. (I’ve seen too many gum, bone and gut issues resulting from the poor nutritional content in a raw food diet.)

Feeding Times
Kitten has all times dry food available but eats wet food 4 times a day.
Times are 8am, noon, 4pm and 7pm & bedtime 9-10pm - wet kitten food.

Kitten is used to chip wood and common white granules litter - Flat and hooded trays

Flea & Wormer
Wormer: Your kitten has been wormed with Panacure 10% liquid at 2,5,8 weeks. I recommend worming every 3 months. You can buy Panacure 10% liquid , Panacure 22% 1.8gms online. We also use Milpro tablets after 12weeks old.

Flea: Effipro flea spray every 2 weeks & the day before the pickup.
We recommend flea treatment every month during the ‘high’ flea season.

Home care
Your kitten will sleep in baskets, on beds and sofas basically anywhere!

For the first few days give it time to familiarize its self in one room, which has its food, water and litter tray. Your kitten might need adjusting to its new home, so introduce it slowly to one room at a time over a couple of weeks. This ensures it knows how and where the litter tray is at all times.

If you have multiple rooms or floors. I would highly recommend several litter trays in different permanent positions. So to ensure the kitten knows where to go when it needs to.

Please remember kittens sleep for long times and frequently, then has mad half hours of play inter-dispersed between sleep and food.