14 July 2018 Belle Ayr Cattery

Our Cats Enjoy a Home Lifestyle!

Our Cats Enjoy a Home Lifestyle!

We believe that our cat's wellbeing comes from enjoying being around us and giving them space to roam and explore their environment.

The British breed is exceptionally endearing and being able to indulge in their affection, with them living openly and freely with us, also enriches our cats making them more sociable and inquisitive.  

Our boys have their own room & conservatory playroom with access to a separate enclosed garden, which has a pergola, trees to climb and an outdoor sheltered toilet area. 

Our girls benefit from living in our home with access to an enclosed 150sqm garden, with trees. Giving them the peace and tranquillity to raise their kittens in a natural way or hang around with their friends, chasing each other around.

Both areas are next to each other and can be opened up so that the cats can intermingle.

These different areas allow the cats to enjoy life to the full whatever the weather & seasons, whether they are outside or inside. 

We have created these fun space for our cats so that they can benefit from nature. Relax, lounge about and exercise, climb high up in the trees, with a bit of excitement watching birds or catch flies and do catty things while living with us in our home. 

Our kittens are born and raised in our home, they have their own space to begin their first baby steps into this new world.

When weaning our kittens, there's space where the kittens can enjoy playtime with each other, away from their mummy while giving mum visibility & proximity to her kittens. This gives mum peace of mind and some breathing space, we believe this is a kind and natural way to wean our kittens.

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