23 June 2020

Thinking of becoming a Parent - here is some information to get you started!

We are based in the United Kindom - Scotland

Our bespoke kittens are featured on our Kitten page, new litters are a feature on our facebook page.

EXPECTED KITTEN Colours & Coats:
Silver & Golden Shaded Long & Shorthair
Silver Shaded/ Shell Pointed Longhair kittens
Blue Golden shorthair kittens

Our Coat Colours

We are a licenced pet delivery company within the UK/EU, we also specialise in exporting our kittens world-wide.

With your kittens you will receive a Welcome Kitten Pack, your kitten will be fully prepared for its journey. 

  • The Pedigree
  • Vaccination Book
  • Receipt of Sale/Transfer of ownership
  • Gifts & Food

The documentation paperwork is important - it contains all the original signed documentation you will need should you wish one day to Cat Club register with FIFe, TICA, WCF or for your pet's insurance. 

ALL our cats were FIV/FELV tested negative September 2021. All our cats are fully vaccinated and our lines are carefully selected for their health and we carry out genetic disease tests with The MyCatDNA analysis. You can request a full DNA profile of parents with your kitten once purchased. Tested for over 40 genetic diseases, we manage the FCoV International Clinic.

We take 50% down payment for the holding fee. 

For UK/EU/International: Kittens are Bespoke (each is unique) and are Perishable (their value drops over time), therefore there is no "cooling-off" period and no refunds are payable should you change your mind and wish to withdraw from the purchase. Full terms are available on our refund-return page. 

Cat Trees
Cat Insurance
Kitten Information
Refunds & Return

CONTACT US: info@belleayr.com
Interested in becoming a parent, please email us your location/ country, which coat length & colour interest you.