17 June 2018 PET TRANSPORT

Transporting our kittens to their new homes!


It's not always possible to pick up your kitten. Don't worry we can help! 

Scheduled delivery £150 - We can personally deliver your cat or kitten within the UK mainland. 

  • We are a Registered Licenced Business Pet Paws Transport 
  • We are Defra Approved - Type 2 Licence
  • We are fully Insured to Transport your pet & as a Cattery
  • We have GPS real-time tracking on our vehicles
  • We do not transport dogs with cats at the same time

This weekend we travelled from West Coast of Scotland along the Central belt and up the East Coast, safely transporting some of our kittens to their new owners.

All thought it rained, the journey was relaxed and the weather did not disturb the kittens. We have a resting pen where kittens can relax together when we stop.


We also can deliver other pets across the UK and are happy to help get them safely to their destination.

We are based on the West Coast of Scotland. 

Longer journeys sometimes necessitate a good rest and overnight stop at the hotel, with our premium membership we benefit from spacious rooms.

Everyone can refresh themselves and relax, the cats get the opportunity to stretch their legs and jump around.