16 September 2019

Sometimes it was not meant to be!

For UK/EU/International:
Kittens are Bespoke (each is unique) and are Perishable (their value drops over time), therefore there is no "cooling-off" period and no refunds are payable should you change your mind and wish to withdraw from the purchase.

Should we withdraw a kitten before it is released to you due to a breach of our Terms & Conditions or our Bullying & Harassment Policy by yourselves, then payment refunds are subject to review and are processed within 30 days.

Should we withdraw a kitten before it is released for any reason other than a violation of our Terms and Conditions, then you will be offered either a 100% refund of whatever you have paid to date or the option of another kitten.

No contract exists between you and us, for the sale of an animal, until we have accepted your order and issued you confirmation sales contract in writing by email. This email will include:

1. The date of the order
2. Your address
3. Details of the kitten
4. The price of the kitten (and acknowledgment of Early Bird terms, should these apply.)
5. An overview of the delivery method

Early Bird Deposit Refund:
We may offer an Early Bird scheme where we allow the choice in a litter before they are released for sale and the reservation fee to be refunded within a time period if we can not fulfil this. 

We aim to provide options on your explicit choice for a kitten between a 6-month window. Should we be unable to fulfil this then your Early Bird deposit will be fully refunded, or put towards another kitten of your choosing. This will be explicitly mentioned in your order confirmation email if applicable.

For Export Pets:
We can not take liability for pets traveling overseas, before departure they will have seen 3 independent vets/ Veterinary organizations, that confirmed they were fit to travel. 

Once the Pet is with You:
Under our terms, you can not re-sell the kitten or change its ownership without our permission - we manage the microchip. 

We do not take liability for pets once they have left our premises, they will have been health checked by our vets before each vaccination and they will have been health checked to be fit to travel before their departure.

Pet Ownership:
The ownership of the animal remains with the main care provider, Belle Ayr Ltd. until the animal is resident with the new owner and its ownership has been transferred to the new owner. Ownership transfer constitutes: The new owner is in possession of the animal and has the vaccination card. 

Further information about all our services & advice to new parents can be found under our FAQ section & our-sales-terms.

We reserve the right to update and amend our terms in accordance with new legislation or change of service.