16 September 2019

Refunds/Return - Sometimes it was not meant to be!

Belle Ayr Ltd. Adheres to the UK/EU consumer Act 2015 - until 1st January 2021. 

The following conditions are valid for EU and UK customers - until 1st January 2021:

Before Kitten Departure:
Down payments & holding fees are fully refundable should circumstances change before the kittens' departure - until 1st January 2021. 

Once the kitten is with you:
Under the sales policy, you can not re-sell the kitten or change its ownership without our permission - we manage the microchip. 

For whatever reason, if the kitten needs to be returned within 14 days, this is also something we can organise. We deduct any applicable Vet and transportation fees from the refund total (payments are processed within 30 days). 

The UK is leaving the EU 1st January 2021, for this reason, our terms of sale have changed:

For UK/EU/International: Where kittens are due for release post-January 2021 - All kitten deposits or full downpayment paid prior or post 1st January 2021 will no longer be subject to a partial or full refund if your circumstances change and you wish to withdraw from the reservation.

Should we, however, withdraw a kitten before it is released, then you will be either offered a 100% refund for whatever you have paid to date or given the option of another kitten.