17 July 2022

Premium & Quality, the primary pricing factors.

Regardless of the pricing considerations every Belle Ayr kitten has "the spark" of personality and will become a well-loved addition to your household. 

Our prices reflect, lineage, colour, type and conformity.

Rare Coat Colours
Some kittens have premium colours such as the new Copper, with its light golden appearance. For more information click here.

Blue Eyes
We are the only UK 🇬🇧 Pedigree Registered Cattery that has Blue and Blue Odd-Eyes in Golden Shaded cats. For more information click here.

These are extremely rare kittens. If you are looking for something that stands out then join our exclusive Blue & Odd Eye Family.

Our Graduate Program
Some of our kittens are priced according to their age group.

We are very selective about the kittens that we keep as the foundation of our future lines. 

We select the most promising kittens, place them into our “Graduate Programme” and let them develop until they are between 8 to 15 months old. When they are ready we select the ones that we wish to take on into our breeding program. This leaves quite a few top-quality, older kittens or adult cats that are ready for a new home.

Of course, not all kittens born in the same litter will carry these traits. While they will have the same health and well-being quality standards, they may not carry the same coat tone colour or eye colour that's in the premium range.

The British Short and Longhair breeds are classified as 'Snub-nose'. Over the years, these breeds have become more brachycephalic (flatter than normal faces), which can lead to health issues. This is a trait that we are working to redress for the well-fare and longevity of the breed.

While we have screened the parents for excellent standards some kittens may have a breed conformity issue. This could include tail length, head shape, coat colour/markings, eye, nose, and teeth alignment.  We openly detail such minor traits in the kittens' promotional descriptions when it becomes apparent and outside club show standard margins. 

Breed traits are minor "imperfections" and are not associated with any other diseases in the kittens.

Other Questions?
Please do not hesitate to ask us about our cats and kittens. We hope you find your desired new family pet with us.