19 May 2020

Has your cats' behaviour changed?

Your cat - and Lockdown!
Has your cats' behaviour changed?

During Lockdown - So much has changed and some changes might have impacted your routine, are you at home more, are your children at home more - are you trying to combine working from home and homeschooling. While preparing meals more often. Has the noise level in your house changed and maybe you are feeling a little more stressed?

All these little changes - could have an impact on your cat, who has grown and is used to having more time to lounge, roam and watch the birds in peace. Now with more humans around, some might take it in their stride and lounge about or get out of the way, while others will profit from the constant attention or at worst do the toilet outside the litter tray around the house. Cats feel your mood and directly respond to a change in your routine.

However much they love you - when you change they will too! Keep that in mind - cats are creatures of habit - any change big or small, has a direct impact and could stress them out. 

How cats display stress
Cats display in different how they react to stress, some will overly groom for no reason, others will hide under the bed - even a neutered/ spayed cat can take to doing the toilet elsewhere than their litter tray. Regardless of how clean their litter tray is. If left the constant peeing can develop into a urinary infection. So best call the vet!

How to reassure a stressed cat
Give the cat a quiet area they like to relax in, make that their space - so no one enters this area and cats will learn when they are in their space, they won't be bothered or disturbed.

Often people/Vets recommend Feliway plugins. Unless they are in every room or in the room the cat is isolated into. They won't really have much of an impact. 

How to dissuade a cat showing stress through peeing/soiling
If there's a particular spot, put a puppy pad in the location with tin/baking foil - cats don't like tin/baking foil.

If it's on the bed, invest in a mattress cover and cover your bed each day, while you resolve the cats stress levels.

Make sure the litter tray is in a secure, quiet area and maybe a hooded one is best if everyone is home. Cats like their privacy too.

White wine vinegar diluted in a spray bottle- removes the smell of cat urine on surfaces and cats don't find the smell agreeable.


So take their nature into consideration, try to plan transition time for your cat!

It's no one's fault or the cats - everyone needs a little time to adjust. 

What about my new kitten?
Kittens as they grow, absorb the new world around them, they thrive exploring their surrounding and adjust to whatever is the routine. Having a quiet area they can go to and rest will suit them best and as kittens need to sleep - giving them that time, is important.