15 June 2022

Discovery of Copper Gene Mutation

The gene mutation that causes the distinctive copper colouring in British cats has been discovered by Professor Marie Abitbo of the Université de Lyon. Belle Ayr Cats contributed samples to the research project and is continuing to work with Professor Abitbo on research into the rare lightened sunshine variation present in our lines.
16 February 2022

Royal Bank of Scotland - Belle Ayr Pet Media

Back on Screen for Royal Bank of Scotland Advert!
19 June 2021

Belle Ayr Manor

First-class boarding for OUR kittens & cats en-route to Australia and New Zealand from the UK, Europe, Russia & other countries.
12 May 2020

Royal Canin New Food Range

Supported by Royal Canin
24 April 2020

BelleAyr Delivers!

COVID-19 Protocol Movement of Pets
16 September 2019

Scottish Power - Belle Ayr Pet Media

Our cats make it online!
31 July 2019

SCA July 2019 Show

Biggest Turnout!
19 March 2019

Belle Ayr Snow Kittens gain Ch. Title

VCC International Cat Show UK
11 February 2019

Show Success Feb 2019

International Champions & 2nd BOB Scoop
03 February 2019

The British Longhair e-book/Kindle

Gracefully Beautiful The Silver & Golden Cats
10 October 2018

乐乐 - Mr Happy

A Kitten's Love
10 September 2018

Our Kitten Just Did It!

Belle Ayr Snow Lily came 4th in Best of Best.
30 July 2018

Our Little Paws Adventure Garden

Open Day - New Play Garden!
27 March 2018 British Long Hair British Shorthair BLH BSH

1st British Longhair from BelleAyr gains Champion Title in UK

All round show success! - We won ten 1st Excellent - VCC International Show UK 2018
15 March 2018 Kittens British Shorthair British Long Hair BSH BLH

Our "Snow" Darlings have arrived!

Our British Shorthair kittens & British Longhair kittens - Four active kittens!
11 March 2018 shows

Belle Ayr Show Success!

SCA International Show 2018 UK - Our British Shorthair cats & British Longhair cats won ten 1st Excellents.