10 October 2018

A Kitten's Love

乐乐 - Mr Happy

There's something magical when you see the kittens that you have loved, adored and kissed every day - adopt new owners and give out their affection with no hesitation and unconditionally. 乐乐 - Mr Happy Is learning a new Language, thankfully the language of Kissing mummy is the same!

I received from 吴 (a new owner) her experience and wanted to share it with you. It described perfectly the relationship between our kittens and their newfound loving parents.

乐乐是个非常非常可爱的男孩子,他真的特别爱我,他每天都围着我转,而且还会爬到我身上亲亲我,从来没见过像他一样性格好的猫,真的是除了睡觉一直在呼噜,睡觉的时候我摸一下他,他也会回应一下我,他每天很健康很开心,说明他从小是在一个有爱的家庭里长大的,如果你们考虑选择一只猫咪陪伴自己,Kristina 的猫是一个不会错的选择。吴

"Lele is a very, very cute boy. He really loves me very much. He turns around me every day, and he will climb to me and kiss me. I have never seen a cat like him. Really. In addition to sleeping, I have been snoring. When I sleep, I touch him. He will respond to me. He is very healthy and happy every day."