30 July 2018

Open Day - New Play Garden!

Open Day - Our New Play Garden!

Being a kitten - everything can become a game, we try to provide an enhanced and enriched playground for them to learn ‘kitten basics’.

The play garden is filled with tunnels, scratching posts, pop up tents to climb and run circles around, it even has miniature furniture.

Our most recent addition is the kittens own Little Paws Play Castle, the Wooden Castle has hammocks to swing and rest in, feathers on elastics to go wild with.

To help develop kittens balance and instincts, we have built a little forest where there are ‘safe’ trees to climb up and go between…with bridges that are just the right height so that it feels like a real adventure.

We even have our very own herb garden, with catnip grass, mint, chives and lemon thyme. 

When it all gets a bit too much and sleep is the next best thing, our Strawberry igloos are on hand for them to snuggle in, which also come in different sizes, for momma, dadda & little paws to rest.

Our open day was a total success and we were delighted with how engaged our cats found the whole experience. From our adults to younger kittens - there was something that excited each and every one of them. Even some our more tranquil cats found it worth exploring.

It’s all for fun!