24 April 2020

COVID-19 Protocol Movement of Pets

Pet Delivery is Regulated

One major impact of COVID-19 for breeders is on the transportation of pets to their new owners. Under the current lockdown, owners are not permitted to travel to the breeder and the transportation of pets is only officially allowed for appropriately registered businesses.

For many dog breeders this isn’t a major problem because their business has to be registered if they produce (roughly) more than one litter per year.  However, there is no equivalent registration scheme for cat breeders and this is why we have to make use of licensed pet delivery companies.

In early 2019 we setup Pet Paws Transport as part of BelleAyr to enable us to deliver our kittens directly to our customers. Pet Paws Transport is licensed with DEFRA for the transportation of pets and carries appropriate insurance cover.

Delivering Under Lockdown

The CFSG, Canine & Feline Sector Group, is a body working across multiple animal welfare disciplines in the UK. They produce guidance on best practice around many welfare areas for both animal businesses and owners.

CFSG has produced a page of advice relevant to the current coronavirus pandemic. They have explicitly produced guidelines for the safe delivery and handover of all animals and Pet Paws Transport is following them.

Opening Up

Pet Paws Transport was formed initially for our own use, it now meets COVID-19 Protocols for the Movement of Pets and we are now delivering pets on behalf of other breeders. 

We are primarily restricting ourselves to deliveries that can be made in a single day’s drive, therefore our focus is Scotland and the North of England, roughly from Aberdeen down to Carlisle. However we are delivering our own kittens to London Euston by train and we may consider offering this as a service, provided that we can do so safely.


This post is concerned with the UK situation, it may be different in other countries.