19 June 2021

First-class boarding for OUR kittens & cats en-route to Australia and New Zealand from the UK, Europe, Russia & other countries.

In 2020 we purposely focused our boarding for cats bound to Australia and New Zealand.

As Licensed UK Importers & Exporters we can arrange all the paperwork, licence, permits, vaccinations & flights worldwide for your cat. 

We are Licensed as a boarding facility by our local authority. Our custom-built designed cat housing pods, provide a homely environment.

We extended our in-house boarding facility and we offer flexible long-term boarding.

As the pandemic & consequential delays not only affected the delivery of several of our kittens but also impacted upon cats that had been purchased in Europe / Eastern Europe/ Russia that were due to clear for shipping to Australia via the UK.

We were approached by several owners and asked if we would be able to arrange the delivery and import to the UK, board their cats, and also arrange all the legal requirements to proceed with the Export to Australia and New Zealand. 

We can offer complimentary boarding to households who have purchased kittens/cats from us. 

Each pod meets human habitable & specified standard and are well above the minimum required space/area with furniture. They are fitted out with beds and climbing trees and have secure, private, garden areas that the cats can access whenever they wish, with thermostatic heaters. 

Our vets are 24/7 and also the official local authority Vet Practice Clinic. They have OT vets for all the RNATT and vaccination, document requirements. 

The pictures, below, show the pods from their construction to their occupation.




Happy Borders!