17 July 2022

Exclusive to Belle Ayr UK - Blue Eye and Odd-Eye Golden British Shorthair/Longhair kittens.

Exclusive to Belle Ayr UK 
We now breed Blue Eye and Odd-Eye lines in the Golden and Silver British Shorthair/Longhair cats.

We are the only UK 🇬🇧 Pedigree Registered Cattery that has Dominant Blue Odd-Eyes in Golden & Silver cats.

These are extremely rare kittens. If you are looking for something that stands out then join our exclusive Blue & Odd Eye Family.

Our Odd-Eye Lineage
This striking phenomenon, called heterochromia, can also occur in dogs and people. Heterochromia in cats might result in any number of eye combinations, such as one blue eye the other green, or gold.

Heterochromia does not affect the kitten's health in any way.

Our lines stem from the conventional recessive blue-eye/odd-eye cats, found and accepted in the bi-colour and Van British Shorthair Cats.

Our current dominant blue eyes do not express white facial markings or visible white markings and are different genetically to Ojos Azules/Altai/Topaz breeds or British lines which have been outcrossed with these breeds.

We DNA screen all our DBE kittens for health and coat color/ markings.

Hope you like them as much as we do!