10 September 2018

Belle Ayr Snow Lily came 4th in Best of Best.

Viking Cat Club Coventry Show
September 2018

Belle Ayr Snow Lily is our 1st baby to make the grand podium as a kitten was 4th Best of Best and all our cats did really well!

The VCC FIFe International Show was a Great Show and full of lovely people, judges, stewards and managers all-around an impressive show!

Saturday 8th September

Snow Lily won Best in Class, Best in Variety (BIV), Best in Show (BIS), Best in Category 3 and 4th in Best of the Best (BOB).
Snow Diamond gained her 1st Excellent
Ventura gained her CH. Title
Floriana won, 1 Excellent, Best in Class and her 2nd CACIB, Nominated for BIS Category 3
Our Boys gained their 2nd CACIB

Sunday 9th September

Snow Lily won 1st Excellent
Snow Diamond won 1st Excellent
Ventura gained her 1st CACIB
Floriana won, 1 Excellent and her3rd CACIB
Our Boys gained their 3rd CACIB

Judges: Mr Yan Rocha-Floch (France) & Mr Gianfranco Mantovani (Italy)