BelleAyr Ltd

Terms and Conditions of Sale


This document and its linked policies form the Terms and Conditions of Sale for BelleAyr Ltd’s customers.

Payment, or part payment, of an invoice to BelleAyr Ltd indicates that you accept and agree to abide by these terms.

We reserve the right to update and amend these terms in accordance with new legislation of change of service.

Formation of Contract

No contract of sale exists between you and us until we have received full, or agreed partial, payment against a sales invoice issued by us.

This invoice will include:

1. The date of the order

2. Your address

3. Details of the kitten

4. The price of the kitten (and acknowledgment of Early Bird terms, should these apply.)

5. An overview of the delivery method and fees if applicable

6. Fees for neutering if appropriate

7. Payment terms


Invoices are due on receipt unless otherwise agreed and noted on the invoice.

We may require a 50% down payment as a holding fee and may offer interest free payment by instalments.

Boarding fees are invoiced monthly and are due on receipt.

No animal will be released until all outstanding balances, including delivery fees if relevant, are paid.

Early Bird Deposit Scheme

We may offer an Early Bird scheme where, upon the payment of a deposit, we allow you first choice from a litter before it is released for general sale.

We aim to provide options on your explicit choice for a kitten within a six month window, the dates of which will be provided on the sales invoice. Should we be unable to fulfil this then your Early Bird deposit will be fully refunded, or put towards another kitten of your choosing.

Post Purchase Communication

Photographs of your animal will be provided before purchase and departure.

You will be kept informed of any significant progress in your animal’s development or medical treatment.

Photographs and videos can be provided via email, WhatsApp and Facebook. All such media are copyright (c) BelleAyr Ltd and may not be copied or distributed without the written permission of BelleAyr Ltd.


Delivery can be arranged by us with third party licensed providers.

Delivery fees may be invoiced separately from the animal purchase, this will be notified on the animal’s invoice.

For all international (outside the UK) deliveries, or national deliveries where the animal has been neutered, a pre-departure health check is carried out by our vet to ensure that the animal is fit to travel. Under no circumstances will an animal be released if our vet decides that it is not fit to travel.

We take no liability for animals once they have been accepted by the courier company. It is the courier’s responsibility to ensure that they have the documentation required to permit the transport of the animal.

Kitten Pack

With your kitten you will receive a welcome pack which typically consists of:

  1. The pedigree

  2. Vaccination book

  3. Four weeks free insurance with Pet Plan (if appropriate)

  4. Receipt of sale and transfer of ownership

  5. Gifts and food

The exact contents may vary.

The documentation contains all the original signed documentation you will need should you wish to Cat Club register with FIFe, TICA, WCF or for your pet's insurance. It is released with the kitten and not before (some pedigrees may be posted if we have not received them prior to departure).

Kitten Insurance

For kittens under 12 months old, we provide four weeks of free Pet Plan insurance registered and activated the day before departure. Pet Plan provides up to £4,000 Veterinary Fees cover to new owners.

To extend the insurance beyond the four week period you must opt-in with Pet Plan during the initial four weeks.

Initial Transfer of Ownership

The ownership of the animal remains with the main care provider, BelleAyr Ltd, until the animal is resident with the new owner.

Transfer of Ownership shall be deemed to have occurred once the new owner is in possession of the animal and its vaccination card.

Subsequent Transfer of Ownership

You can not resell or re-home the animal without our permission.


We are a licensed boarding facility and can offer complimentary short term boarding for cats purchased from us. For health reasons we do not offer boarding to animals other than those sold by us.

Longer term boarding may be arranged for a fee. If appropriate this will be agreed and invoiced separately.

Refunds and Returns

Kittens are Bespoke (each is unique) and are Perishable (their value drops over time), therefore there is no "cooling-off" period and no refunds are payable should you change your mind and wish to withdraw from the purchase.

Violation of Terms, Withdrawal from Sale

Should we withdraw a kitten before it is released to you due to a breach of these Terms and Conditions or our Bullying and Harassment Policy by yourselves, then payment refunds are subject to review and then are processed within 30 days.

Should we withdraw a kitten before it is released for any reason other than a violation of our Terms and Conditions or Policies, then you will be offered either a full refund of what you have paid to date or the option of another kitten.


Versioning of These Terms

A copy of the current version of these Terms and Conditions and Policies will be supplied with your invoice.  Should there be a difference between the text on this webpage and the PDF supplied with your invoice then the invoice version is to be taken as valid at the time of sale.